STREET FAIRS for profit, fun and madness                    

                                              My experiences as a seller      Dave J. Stefanik

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My wife and I have been selling our merchandise at street fairs, A&C shows, festivals and county fairs for over 18 years. Now you can read a first-hand account of what we have had to endure as I describe many of  our adventures, experiences and nightmares.

We have had to survive terrible weather extremes ranging from freezing temperatures to sweltering heat. Many times we encountered strong and highly destructive winds. We have survived torrential downpours of rain and overcame continuous obstacles.  I hope you find my tongue-in-cheek approach humorous and enjoyable as I try to poke fun at a lot of the things that do happen at street fairs and festivals.


See what happens when two feet of rain water engulfs a selling area with nearly one hundred booths. Read about a tornado blowing my canopies to the ground together with all my merchandise while destroying 60 other canopies.  Have you ever had two flat tires at once? On a motor home yet. What do you think about selling in a field with cow dung all over the place?  You’ve got to read this book to hear about all the things that can happen at street fairs and other events.




                                                                     ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Dave J. Stefanik


I was born in the industrialized city of Holyoke, MA in the year 1951 and I spent the first 12 years of my life residing in what was then the ‘Paper Capital of the World’ where many factories took advantage of the cities’ dam and canal systems.


My mother worked at National Blank Book doing assorted jobs in the production of paper products.  My father worked in the manufacturing of golf balls at A.G. Spalding in Chicopee (MA). After my mother passed away from inoperable brain cancer in 1963, I moved to New Jersey to live with my sister until joining the U.S. Navy in 1970.  I spent four years on ships in the Pacific Fleet spending time in the Gulf of Tonkin, Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean while visiting ports in Korea, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Okinawa and Hong Kong.  I was married in the Philippines in 1973 and have remained married for 38 years to my Filipino wife.  Upon discharge from the service in 1974, I resided in the city of Alameda, CA and lived there until 1981, at which time I moved to Pacifica and then Hayward thereafter


I began working for the U.S. Postal Service in 1976 and retired in 2003.  My wife and I began our business in 1993 selling jewelry that she made along with stained glass creations which I made. Over the next 18 years we imported products, made wholesale purchases and sold at over 500 arts and crafts festivals, County Fairs and street fairs. We have sold on the Internet for the past ten years and in 2009 we opened a store for a short period of time.


We have visited all 50 states while traveling extensively throughout the United States and have been to 7 provinces in Canada.  In 2003, we drove to Alaska making it the last state.   .


I have written and submitted articles to websites about selling at craft shows and have maintained my own site where I provide weekly reviews of shows we participate in and offer much advice and suggestions to vendors and others other people.

“Street Fairs for profit, fun and madness” is my first publication and I hope to have more. I am currently working on other books about the business that we are in.



STREET FAIRS for profit, fun and madness       $14.95



 Street Fairs for profit, fun and madness

A paperback book written by Dave J. Stefanik. 
267 pages of adventure, excitement, disappointment, disasters and much, much more.

See what it is like selling at Street Fairs, festivals,
Arts and Crafts Shows and other events.

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